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I live in a world full of colours and flavours. I have been working in international environment for more than 20 years. I recall wonderful memories from many countries, different nations and cultures. I am passionate about travelling and exploring spotts of the world too.



Here’s a time-lapse of the Perseids — the most stunning meteor shower of the year.


Poland’s 7th Wonder

Elbląg Canal enables the visitors to the region to experience the journey through the only in Europe operating system of inclined planes – one of the highest ever achievements of hydraulic engineering. The boats travel through the 100m of difference in water levels between the Drwęckie Lake and the Vistula Bay. Simply beautiful!


Energy from the sea

There are places that no matter what time of the year, the weather, and our age, provide the energy needed for life. After all, now is the moment when we are the youngest, and it will never ome back to us again in this life. I am sending the June inspiration from a special place

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Blogging adventure

From today on, I invite you to my second blog on INN POLAND, a part of natemat.pl Group, a portal dedicated to business topics, innovation and science. Joy, pride, excitement to become part of the Polish blogosphere and great responsibility – these are my emotions and feelings that describe my present state of mind, heart

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On startups & team building

It is a start-up time in the world. Whether in the USA or in Poland start-up is the most frequently used word by students, graduates whose dream is to become a start-up founder and entrepreneur or to join a start-up team. No wonder, two-year-old companies are valued in the billions.