From today on, I invite you to my second blog on INN POLAND, a part of Group, a portal dedicated to business topics, innovation and science. Joy, pride, excitement to become part of the Polish blogosphere and great responsibility – these are my emotions and feelings that describe my present state of mind, heart and mind.

On the blog INN Poland you will find comments on the HR trends and phenomena, presenting the latest market best practices and research results on organizational culture, leadership and multiculturalism, technological innovations in the area of human capital management. I also write about the growing number of emerging also in Poland, HR Tech start-ups.

I leave of course, the joy of creating my own blog on this website. I invite and encourage you to comment on my entries and to propose topics that in your opinion would be interesting, inspiring and useful in the context of sharing professional experience.

If you have a topic in HR Tech start-ups area, I encourage you to contact me: