One of my oldest dreams dated back to my childhood was to become a writer.

The dream of writing books was born in me at an early age of my childhood. As a resolute girl I used to walk every Saturday morning to the library at the Youth Culture House for a new batch of books.

I still return with a pleasure and joy to some of those books world of children’s literature I was inspired by. I never thought that I dare to write itself. It started with blogging. I started to transfer my observations on the personal blog here and on the InnPoland blog and on some other portals. I share knowledge – it gives you immortality. I practice also in this way muscle – exercise willpower.

I dreamed of writing a book. I knew I would do it. I put off, however, this moment in time. I visualized. I made notes in the calendar. I ran a diary. I made notes. Life can surprise us in the least expected moment. It happend to me the summer of 2015. I’ve received a proposal to write a book. Happilly, I’ve presented, what I want and I can write a book. The published asked me to provide a sample of the text and in the end I signed my first contract author.

The theme of the book are issues related to the modern labor market. On the basis of this subject I created a story about myself and other women.

This is the beginning of my literary debut. Today, the book went to print.

This debut is called Alchemy of a Woman’s Career. Give yourself a second chance! by clicking on the title of the book you will be redirected to the feminine alchemical world.

The book is a story about the life of a modern woman in a period of intense social change and transformation of the Polish economy, globalization and technological progress worldwide. Alchemie tells a story of a woman of the XXI century, her challenges, advantages and disadvantages, about woman’s roles played by the heritage of the culture and tradition. Story about feminine world uttered by the cast herself. This is a kind of reportage, documented research and individual case studies about professional development and organisational culture of some companies, job market challenges and its legal framework, pros and cons of being on its own as entrepreneur.

As a part of a development guide on career coaching and mentorship I’ve incorporated a self-reflection training into the book . I’ve used my professional experience to offer a mental training called #StartUpYourFuture that I’ve created based on the know-how, mentoring and training that I’ve got thanks to the fantastic people, which I came across on your way.

The development program is offered as a part of a mental training among community StartUpWoman.

Alchemia kariery_Okładka