Many of us may feel that it’s not our job to mend flawed supervisors and that top management needs to intervene. In reality, you have only two choices: Keep waiting for the organization to fix your flawed leader — or find ways of doing so yourself.

In my experience, there are three particularly ineffective types of leaders. Here are a few observations:

The Indecisive Boss. Leaders are indecisive for a variety of reasons. Some may be perfectionists who won’t make decisions until they gather all the data; others are paralyzed by uncertainty; and many simply prefer the seeming safety of the status quo. Whatever the excuse, employees hate such leaders. A poor decision can be corrected, but indecisiveness is fatal.

The Insecure Manager. Managers are supposed to motivate employees, not compete with them. Yet, many supervisors inhibit talented employees and good ideas because of their own insecurities.

The All-Knowing Leader. Some executives think they know it all. They assume they are the smartest people in the room, feel they are the only ones interested in succeeding, and constantly tell stories about how they pulled off impossible things in the past. They also believe that without them, everything will fall apart.

How to deal with them is your experience. Wish you a good journey.