I live in a world full of colours and flavours. I have been working in international environment for more than 20 years. I recall wonderful memories from many countries, different nations and cultures. I am passionate about travelling and exploring spotts of the world too.

Exploring, studying, examining, researching are some of the key words that might describe me. My relatives are spotted across many countries and continents, folks from different cultures and religions inspiring and enriching me. Under those circumstances I ‘ve been adjusted to multicultural and multinational approach pleasurably. The motto of this blog has a patronage of Alvin Toffler quote on the illiterate of the XXI century with definite reasons.

I’ve been on the road of learning, unlearning and relearning of myself, and as of StartUpWoman alike women also.

The national culture and its understanding might play an important role in understanding the current job-related environment, workforce, teams, managers and leaders. Cultural aspects might be affecting the organizational culture of a company, the processes of communication and decision-making particularly.

Globalisation, automation, robotics are the key words describing the trends within the job market in terms of processes.

Engagement, fear, uncertainty are the key words describing the challenge in terms of people management.

We are global. We are international. We are unique. We are equal.

Borders do not know the business, and through the prism of the business carried out by people from different countries and cultures, I will be conducting a workshop under Alior Business Institute. We have founded a Club for Multi…at ALIOR Business Institute. Multi is the abbreviation for multicultural, multigenerational, multinational, multifunctional.

Already on October 30 in Warsaw between 10 am-1.30 pm, Pure Sky Club, ul. 59 gold, let’s talk about multiculturalism in the work environment.

Multicultural organizations.

The global organization and local perspective.

How to meet the standards and requirements of many perspectives.

Please be invited to join us on that day!

Our guests and participants represent members of HR Teams from global Shared Services Centers located in Warsaw.

Please contact Ms Mariola Delińską (emailto: mariola.delinska@aliorinstytut.pl) for more details.