Think Tank StartUpYourFuture manages a network of ideas, designs, concepts, mindsets, thoughts, approaches, beliefs of the recent labor market facing economic and demographic challenges, globalization and development of new technologies.

The Mission of the Think Tank StartUpYourFuture is to inspire representatives of business, science and students in Poland modeling best practices of professional development of all generations.

Think Tank StartUpYourFuture aims at building bridges between generations and enlightening the lanterns throughout the career development paths challenged by transformation.

We aim at designing the labor market landscape by influancing the decision makers. Contributing to the idea of engaged society by embracing capability of the professional activity.
Our voice calls for attention of the importance for occupational consciousness regardless boundaries and obstacles.
Our goal is to strengthen and improve the debate on labor market participation of representatives of various generations.
Commitment, innovation and creative chaos that characterize us, we use for process modeling as well as designing of tools for professional career aging management.
We combine social sensitivity, wisdom, professional maturity and freshness of observation professional with enthusiasm and passion to exchange ideas and improve processes.
We emphasize the importance of work ethic, personal brand credibility, high standards, dialogue and openness for sharing ideas, and leadership awareness.
We develop new ideas, recommendations and suggestions for solutions to individuals, as well as occupations.